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Children and Money

Opening Up a Children's Savings Account

Opening up a children's savings account is not only important for a child's future, but also helpful for parents who want to teach their children the value of a dollar. Whether opening up an account for a newborn, or for a new teen, a savings account for a child is a significant part of life. Selecting the right account for your child is a crucial step and there are many things to consider. Fees, interest rates, and the type of bank are just some of the items to think over when looking into a children's savings account. Once these factors are considered, you and your child can open an account and watch their money grow as they grow themselves....(more)

5 Tips to Help You Afford Gifts This Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a very joyful time. However, it can be very stressful if you are short of money and have children. You want them to have a good Christmas, and don't want them to feel like they're missing out, but gifts can get very expensive. Instead of staying up all night worrying about how you'll afford Santa's visit, here are five tips to help you afford gifts this Christmas....(more)

Start Making Good Money With a Babysitting Class for Kids

It is important for for younger kids to make a difference in the life of other children and money management. One of the best ways is to enroll them in a babysitting class. At these classes, kids will learn everything they will need to know about how to be a safe and effective babysitter, as they will learn all of the necessary skills, safety measures for toddlers, and different games and fun activities to make their babysitting experience a quality time. Additionally, babysitting classes for kids will begin to teach children about money, and in most cases, a babysitting job will be one of their first ever jobs. Whether you want to teach your kids about the value of work or if your kids just want to start making money on their own, signing them up for a babysitting class is the first step....(more)


Learning All About the IRAs

The IRA helps you combine both compound interest and tax savings. If you have money that you can afford to invest long-term, you should consider opening an IRA. Yet, your IRA options may seem confusing at first, which might discourage you from opening one. Keep reading to learn more about the IRA to determine if it is right for you....(more)

Understanding the Rules Regarding the Non-Deductible Individual Retirement Account

The traditional or non-deductible Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is one of several forms of retirement savings, despite the rules surrounding this type of account. Many people feel they earn too much money to take part in the traditional pre-tax IRA program. One thing they do not realize is that no matter how much they earn they can contribute to the non-deductible account. With this type of account you can still enjoy tax-free savings....(more)

Navigating Earned Income with a Roth IRA

For those who do not plan to work all their life, a Roth Individual Retirement Account, or Roth IRA, is a wonderful way to protect your future. A way to garner tax-free income over time, the Roth IRA was introduced in the 1970s in order to help people save up for their retirement steadily over time. As such, there are limits on the amount a person can contribute in one year, and missing a year can be a pain. All income is not accepted, however and must instead meet the classification known as "earned income". For those interested in a Roth IRA then, it is important to understand the specifics and implications of earned income, and the following questions outline the main pieces of information you will want to keep in mind....(more)


How to Avoid Common Problems with Banks

When it comes to your money, you want to make sure you use a bank that you can trust. When many consumers begin to compare banks for their banking needs, they aren't sure what questions to ask or how to pick the right one. There are common problems with banks that many consumers run into. Asking the right questions can help you avoid these problems after your bank account has been opened....(more)

Net Worth of Mike Sorrentino AKA the Situation

Mike Sorrentino, better known as The Situation, has a net worth that might surprise some people. Best known as the guy who likes to get close to all the girls in the hot tub on MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore," Sorrentino turned his personality into a marketing machine. His estimated worth is $6 million; a far cry from the pay he used to get when he worked at a fitness club before becoming a celebrity. Here is how Sorrentino earned those millions....(more)

5 Benefits of Investing in Blend Funds

Investing in mutual funds is a good way to add another investment element to your portfolio without having to take undue financial risks. One of the safest kinds of mutual fund investments is the blend fund, which spreads your money across growth funds, value funds, and sometimes money market funds. This wide array of investments ensures that your money is never at a great risk for loss, and Although it may not gain money as quickly as more aggressive funds, it's a solid long-term approach to mutual fund investing. Here are five benefits of investing in blend funds....(more)

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