How much does a debt collector pay a bank for a discharged debt?

The amounts paid out for debt collections vary. Most of the time, the original creditor pays the collector for recovery. The industry standard is between 5 and 30%, depending (MORE)

Can debt collectors collect on a debt after it has be charged off?

Yes, A charge off simply indicates that the debt has been written off the creditor's account as uncollectible. The debt can then be sold to a collection agency for pennies on (MORE)

What is circular debt?

Circular debt is when, to give a three-person example, A owes B, who owes C, who owes A. Circular debt relates to subsidies which the government in Pakistan is providing to t (MORE)
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What does a credit controller do?

Credit controllers often have their own book of debtors accounts to manage, over time they will become very familiar with these companies - what their needs are and how to dea (MORE)

10 Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

A piece of metal coiled into a tubular shape made millions of dollars. It is hard to believe, but Slinky, the toy that appears to walk down steps and springs back into shape i (MORE)
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The Only 5 Ways to Get Really Rich

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How to financially prepare for a baby

So you are going to have a baby. This is the most exciting time of your life, congratulations! Parenthood is a roller coaster. It will hit you from all angles, emotionally, ph (MORE)