What is a tax deficiency?

Tax deficiency is defined in section 6211(a) of the IRS Code. Tax deficiency occurs when the correct amount of income tax owed is more than the amount shown on the taxpayer's (MORE)

What is er tax?

U.S. tax law requires payment of social security and medicare taxes by both employees and their employer. The logical abbreviation for pay stub purposes would seem to be "Emp" (MORE)

Accrued rent expense is a liability?

Accrued rent expense is classified as an Expense. It's not classified as a liability. Expenses are paid out of "Revenue" and they affect "Retained Earnings". When you do a Tri (MORE)

Examples of direct and indirect expenses?

Direct Expenses 1. Salary & Bonus 2. Rent Paid 3. Advertisement & Publicity 4. Electricity Charges 5. Traveling Expenses 6. Telephone Bill 7. Printing & Stationary 8. P (MORE)

Safe and Smart Retirement-income Planning

Smart retirement-income planning makes all the difference between a comfortable retirement and a truly enjoyable one. Whether you're just starting your career or nearing your (MORE)

Future Finances: Planning for Early Retirement

The dream of retiring at age 55 is not always possible today with increased life expectancy and the rising costs of health care. However, it is still possible to retire early (MORE)

Common Strategies for Planning Your Retirement Income

Retirement planning is vital to ensuring that not only your retirement years are paid for, but you also have emergency health issues covered as well. Planning retirement shoul (MORE)

Where to Go to Open an IRA

Opening an IRA is a great first step toward achieving financial independence and a successful retirement, but knowing where to open IRA accounts can be difficult. Your IRA is (MORE)