Do you need to disclose withdrawals from retirement plans when filing for bankruptcy?

Yes, of course. Very simply, you must report everything you won, control or owe or are responsible for. Even exempt things are reported, they are just classed as exempt..BY TH (MORE)

Can you contribute to an IRA after you have retired?

You must have eligible compensation in order to be eligible to contribute to an IRA. For IRA purposes, eligible compensation includes wages, salaries, tips, commissions receiv (MORE)

What does it mean to have your taxes audited?

Answer While there are several different types of well as several different types of taxes..generally: For an individual, it means the information you submitted (MORE)

Can medical bills be taken from federal tax refund?

It is unlikely that a tax refund would be garnished for past due medical bills. Generally refunds can only be garnished for certain things, and medical bills really aren't o (MORE)

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Has your "retail therapy" become a serious problem?

Retail therapy is used by many to turn around a bad day. And since it's common enough to be joked about, many use the term to hide a serious problem. Can something as silly as (MORE)