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Is tax fraud a felony?

According to the IRS: Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided (MORE)

What is the salary of an historian?

Historians usually make around $44,490 a year, but that's not including lectures, books, or anything else they provide for the public throughout their career. They often write (MORE)

How to Create a Financial Plan

Managing your money is more than just knowing what to spend on each category of needs; it also involves creating new habits and disciplines. This means you have to spend time (MORE)
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What is a 203k loan?

HUD is broken into two entities... FHA (guarantees lenders will be repaid) and VA (loans the money) An FHA loan guarantee that everyone has heard of for many years is typical (MORE)
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What does a secured loan and unsecured loan mean?

A secured loan is a loan in which there is physical collateral, meaning there is a physical item of worth that can be taken by the bank if the loan is not paid. Examples of th (MORE)

10 Food Launches That Majorly Flopped

Yeah, we're not sure who thought this sounded like a good idea either. While the negative calorie food might be great on party trays or with peanut butter, it didn't do so wel (MORE)