Who pays for scholarship?

The funding for a scholarship depends on where the scholarship is being offered. State scholarships are usually funded by the government. The scholarships you can find on the (MORE)
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What are repackaged loans?

Repackaged loans are issued to ensure cross-sectoral consistency in the requirements for financial institutions and remove any potential misalignment of interests between the (MORE)
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What is a Settlement Loan?

A Settlement Loan or Settlement Loans are cash advances and part of lawsuit funding services offered to plaintiffs. A settlement loan is a cash advance for a plaintiff when th (MORE)

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How do you calculate a profit margin?

To calculate net profit for a venture (such as a company, division, or project), subtract all costs, including a fair share of total corporate overheads, from the gross revenu (MORE)

Four Steps to Being a Great Landlord

Investing in a rental property is huge step. Purchasing and updating the property can feel like a major accomplishment, yet the real work is still to come. There is no point i (MORE)

Has your "retail therapy" become a serious problem?

Retail therapy is used by many to turn around a bad day. And since it's common enough to be joked about, many use the term to hide a serious problem. Can something as silly as (MORE)

Caring for your pet without going broke

You love your dog/cat/bird/fish/lizard/tarantula but what you probably don't love is the cost of caring for your pet. Your pet requires more than a bag of food and an annual H (MORE)

How to pay off your student loans without losing your mind

Student loans are a fact of life for many Americans. 70% of college students will graduate with student loans. Of those who have them, the average balance is $30,000. So what (MORE)

The 10 Most Ridiculous Things People Blow Money On

While it's hard to resist dressing your little adorable baby up in the latest fashion, it's really just a waste. These expensive outfits typically become glorified stain gathe (MORE)

What are mutual funds?

An investment company that continually offers new units and buys existing units back at the request of the shareholder and uses its capital to invest in diversified securities (MORE)