Who oversees the IRS?

The IRS is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, and as such is under Treasury's general oversight, administration and regulatory authority. The Treasury Inspector Gener (MORE)

Where is my tax return?

If you file a complete and accurate paper tax return and mailed it to the correct mailing address, and the IRS accepts your income tax return as you filed it then your refund (MORE)

What is stock market pre-open in stock market?

The pre-market session is the time period between 2 AM and 9:30 AM ET in the US. The markets open at 9:30 AM ET. Most stocks have a pre-market session, but it is never graphed (MORE)

Will credit score improve if join a credit union?

If you have an active account or loan in a credit union that is in good standing it could help. But it depends on the types of accounts you have there. The best way to show yo (MORE)

What is a dividend in economics?

Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholder members. When a corporation earns a profit or surplus, that money can be put to two uses: it can either be re-i (MORE)

How to financially prepare for a baby

So you are going to have a baby. This is the most exciting time of your life, congratulations! Parenthood is a roller coaster. It will hit you from all angles, emotionally, ph (MORE)

Net Worth Isn't Only for the Super Wealthy

Net worth is often associated with people who have a lot of zeros in their income. And while, it's true net worth does measure wealth, it also does a lot more than that. Net w (MORE)

Four Steps to Being a Great Landlord

Investing in a rental property is huge step. Purchasing and updating the property can feel like a major accomplishment, yet the real work is still to come. There is no point i (MORE)

Has your "retail therapy" become a serious problem?

Retail therapy is used by many to turn around a bad day. And since it's common enough to be joked about, many use the term to hide a serious problem. Can something as silly as (MORE)